A collection of audio excerpts taken from film dialogues & monologues, sounds & soundscapes, music and short presentations from the films presented during the 5th BCK Film Symposium, mixed by Fade Radio Producers.  



Participating Artists & Films | Συμμετέχουσες-όντες Καλλιτέχνιδες -ες & Έργα

Is the city dead? w/ Dimitra Mitsaki

ENOMENA w/ Phaedra Vόkali

Indigenius Loci Mini Pod – Original Mix w/ Vicky Markolefa

The Black Disquisition w/ Quincy G. Ledbetter

Isthmus w/ Mara Chavez

Biafran-Finnish Postcard w/ Miikka Niskanen

Plague under the olive tree w/ Youssef Ksentini

ORFEAS2021/ Κουήρια Επαναστατικό ιντερλούδιο w/ FYTA (Fil Ieropoulos, Foivos Dousos)

Phoney Sights w/ Phoney Sights w/ Ana Čigon

Cafe Τερψιθέα w/ Konstantina Chatira

Speechless memory w/ Rena Danilouli

Fight or flight w/ Vanessa Ferle & Anna Gradou

Digital Skin w/ María Papi

Scent of Time w/ Emilia Tapprest, 

Borders w/ Nefeli Asariotaki